Thursday, September 6, 2012

Getting back into the swing of things!

Hi all! 
Kids are back to school, the first week is always hectic an adding a new kindergartner to the mix just makes it that more challenging! It was kind of depressing knowing my last little one is now off to explore the world without mommy by his side 24/7. I think now we have our routine worked out, I am less stressed an plowing through some projects I have been waiting and wanting to finish! 

I was blog hopping a few weeks ago and seen Rachel over at Stitched In Color post a tutorial for journal covers which can be found here. I knew I had to make some! 
I had previously made these english paper piecing hexagons last month following Jeni's tutorial for her hexagon ring pincushion she did for the festival of hexagons an decided they were perfect for the front! I love how it turned out, it really was super easy too (which I like). 

Hexagon Journal cover made using Poetica by Art Gallery Fabrics and Kona solids to match! 

Made using Zoe by Studio-E fabrics which I had stashed a while back
 I have been trying to practice daily on my FMQ (free-motion quilting) to build muscle memory. Each time it gets easier and more fluid flowing! I have learned a tremendous amount from following Leah Days blog The Free Motion Quilting Project. These are two of my many practice squares where I have FMQ two designs from her 365 free motion quilting designs paisley and snake-paisley. It is great idea to make up at least a weeks worth of blank squares sandwiches measuring around 10" that way each day you can just grab a sq. and FMQ for 30 or so mins. With enough practice anyone can use their home sewing machine to create and quilt beautiful works of art.

Til the next time I am off to sew! 


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I am still alive!!

Oh my it has been awhile since I posted last... I am still alive, barely! Haha my 3 wonderful kids have had me busy all summer but I have managed to fit in time for sewing! Today they go back to school and I hope to keep up more with the blog.
Here is a few pictures of what I completed over the summer ...
Table runner made with circles of Art Gallery Poetica 

This lovely pile turned into...

This lovely quilt for my nieces 1st b-day

Even made a dresden pillow to match!
Sorry for such crappy dark pics, I have upgraded my lighting since. Be back soon!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On the quilting table this week...

This past weekend I whipped up an adorable table runner. After seeing Jeni from In Color Order, little mini table runner it got my mind going and using Jolene's granny square block tutorial & Peacock Lane fabrics I came up with this adorable table runner ....

Done with 2 1/2 in. square blocks.. Now it is ready to be quilted and binded! I think it came out awesome!

Back side...

I cant wait to finish it up! I also started working on a cute baby quilt using just strips and color
I thought I would also share what I have quilted so are along my journey. With each one I gained more experience and knowledge about piecing, quilting and was absolutely fun too!
Spring Daisy Quilt (front)
Green Tea Batik from Timeless Treasures
It was very windy out!!
you'll have excuse my fold wrinkles! (back)
Adorable baby quilt I made for my niece
Personalized baby quilt
These are just a few that I have created thus far along my quilting journey (8 months). I have learned a tremendous amount about free-motion quilting from Leah Day and her amazing videos about all the different designs you can incorporate into your quilts! 

Well enough babble from me off to go quilt!

Friday, March 30, 2012


Hi, welcome to my very first blog post! I am new to this whole blogging thing so you will have to bear with me as I am currently getting this blog up and running an learning about blogging as I go. I decided to write a blog about my quilting adventures and hope that it can be a tool for others who are just getting started in quilting as well (I wont lie my memory is horrible and this is a good way for me to track all my progress as well!). A little bit about me... I live in Northern New England U.S.A which is beautiful this time of year as everything is starting to come alive again with Spring on the horizon. I have the pleasure of being married to my best friend for more than 9 years, we have 3 wonderful children that brighten our lives everyday.

I started quilting about 8 yrs ago but my experience was limited so I gave up real easy, packed up my fabric and machine an stacked them away in the attic. In July of last year my mother suddenly passed away at a fairly young age. I had all these emotions I did not know how to deal with, as I was packing away some of her belongs into my attic and I seen my stack of quilting supplies. I unpacked them and have been quilting my little heart out ever since. Quilting in a way has helped me work though the mourning process and dealing with the death of my mother. I have always been a crafty person drawing and painting have been my passions, so being able to use those two as I free motion quilt is amazing! Thread is my paint and fabric is my canvas. I have had the opportunity to browse many blogs and sites relating to quilting, sewing and many other crafty projects I have a few favorites that I hope to share with you along my journey. Off to be creative!
Happy Quilting all