Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On the quilting table this week...

This past weekend I whipped up an adorable table runner. After seeing Jeni from In Color Order, little mini table runner it got my mind going and using Jolene's granny square block tutorial & Peacock Lane fabrics I came up with this adorable table runner ....

Done with 2 1/2 in. square blocks.. Now it is ready to be quilted and binded! I think it came out awesome!

Back side...

I cant wait to finish it up! I also started working on a cute baby quilt using just strips and color
I thought I would also share what I have quilted so are along my journey. With each one I gained more experience and knowledge about piecing, quilting and embellishing...it was absolutely fun too!
Spring Daisy Quilt (front)
Green Tea Batik from Timeless Treasures
It was very windy out!!
you'll have excuse my fold wrinkles! (back)
Adorable baby quilt I made for my niece
Personalized baby quilt
These are just a few that I have created thus far along my quilting journey (8 months). I have learned a tremendous amount about free-motion quilting from Leah Day and her amazing videos about all the different designs you can incorporate into your quilts! 

Well enough babble from me off to go quilt!